How did the idea come to life?

When I first started out as a developer, I needed multiple applications just to keep everything in my business flowing smoothly. I was using:

– Asana to track my tasks
– An Excel sheet to manage my revenue and costs
– Another Excel sheet to manually type in the hours I did for each task
– Westpac’s bank statements to calculate my profits
– Gmail’s labels to stay on top of leads
– Google apps to store any project files, meeting notes, comments and feedback
– Zendesk to keep track of any tickets

Using seven different apps on a weekly basis was time-consuming, and it seemed I was always juggling them just to stay on top of things. I kept thinking that there had to be a better way. And then it occurred to me: I build apps all the time, why can’t I do one for myself? So I did.
Online Office for Developers a.k.a. OOD is an app that I know works because I created it for my business. Whenever I saw the need for a new business function, I developed it and added it in. Bit by bit I stopped using all the apps I had used in the past because their functions were all combined into this one simple, integrated app.

With OOD, everything is connected and feeds off each other, allowing you to monitor and record almost everything you need when completing a business task. Say, for example, that a team member spends time on a task which affects the cost of the project, this will automatically come up in the payroll section and will affect the project’s profit. You can also see how much a client has spent with you and how much profit was generated from that particular client. You can attach as many files and links to the project or task as you need. You can add in leads and put notes next to a client’s name as well as being able to track tickets from existing or anonymous clients.

It’s even beneficial for the clients! They can see the project’s progress, report bugs, view all their invoices – paid, upcoming and overdue – and all of the estimates you’ve given them. Note that you have total control over what the client sees

OOD has made my business so easy to manage and I’m certain that it will do the same for you. We at keep developing OOD every day, adding new features as needed. We’re always open to suggestions so, if you have an idea about something that you think needs to be added into OOD, just send me an email:

OOD is an online office made by developers for developers.